WinFast Methodology

Companies need results fast.  Riverbend’s WinFast methodology delivers. Whether in a distressed or stagnant situation, or facing a critical performance issue, getting initial results quickly is of paramount, sometimes "life or death" importance for a business. Riverbend’s WinFast Methodology is designed to be laser focused on delivering “fast wins” in as short a time period as possible. WinFast quickly assesses the state of the organization, identifies key issues driving company results, develops comprehensive plans that incorporate market and strategic requirements, and drives execution to achieve targeted results in the shortest time possible while ensuring long term company goals and objectives are maintained.


WinFast is ideally suited for distressed or stagnant companies struggling with business performance or lack of growth, or for organizations that are experiencing a critical business issue or risk profile that needs urgent and quick solutions.


Understand, quickly, the true state of the organization (financial, operations, management team) and identify the key issues that must be addressed to turnaround business performance in the shortest time.

Organizational Performance Improvement

Deliver company transformative results across all areas of the business identified as critical for a successful turnaround including strategy development, operations (all functions), and human resources.


How We Engage

Riverbend has a unique engagement process that includes a free, no obligation assessment. Our process provides the opportunity to get to know one another and the challenges you’re facing. This enables us to identify and prioritize areas for improvement and results.

We believe that we should never be a net expense to our clients. We consistently deliver operating income improvement amounting to a multiple of our fees in the first twelve months after implementation.