Mergers and Acquisitions



Quality of Organizational Performance

Quality of Organizational Performance (QOP) is a company MRI. It analyzes the degree to which a company has the knowledge, skills, and organizational processes required to maximize the potential in the existing business. QOPs are delivered in a drastically accelerated time frame versus a typical due diligence process and at a fraction of the cost.
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Due Diligence

Perform a detailed and thorough review of all areas of an organization that can impact the execution of the transaction including financials, operations, management team, systems and technology, and culture with a clear focus on identifying key issues, opportunities, strengths, and risk factors.


Preparation for Sale

Identify all elements and “gaps” within an organization that must be addressed in order to maximize transaction value and support execution of all initiatives prior to going to market.


Deal Structure

Provide support in creating an effective transaction structure including assets, debt, and private equity funding.


Post Transaction

100 Day Plan

Define and support the execution of a detailed 100 day operating plan that addresses the strategic direction, leadership, management, and operational requirements critical for implementation of a successful post-transaction transition.


Operational and Organizational Effectiveness

Provide continued support in addressing critical strategic, business and operational challenges across all parts of the organization that maximizes business performance.


Cash Management

Define and implement highly effective cash management policies, procedures and processes to manage the critical lifeline (“cash”) of a post-transaction environment including cash flow management and forecasting, working capital management, and CAPEX.


Revenue and Profit Improvement

Focus on driving prioritized opportunities for revenue and profit improvement including marketing strategy, product mix, customer mix, new technologies, sales organization and approach, pricing, channel, purchasing management and cost structure.


How We Engage

Riverbend has a unique engagement process that includes a free, no obligation assessment. Our process provides the opportunity to get to know one another and the challenges you’re facing. This enables us to identify and prioritize areas for improvement and results.

We believe that we should never be a net expense to our clients. We consistently deliver operating income improvement amounting to a multiple of our fees in the first twelve months after implementation.