riverbend growth capital

We believe if you're doing things right, investors will find you.

A complete story is essential.

We spend a great amount of time with investors - angel, venture capital, private equity, etc. - and they all tell us there is a significant amount of money available in the markets today.
However, in the same breath they will also tell us there is a real shortage of quality opportunities to invest in.
Most investors define a quality investment as one where there is not only a good idea and passionate leader or team, but where there is:

  • A well thought out strategy - the team has clearly defined where they're headed

  • A comprehensive business plan - the team knows how they intend to "get there"

  • A team that has the ability to execute - they know their personal and professional strengths and weaknesses

Simply put, the team has a complete story that hangs together.

Our unique approach gets results!

It's amazing how many businesses who are looking for funding say they are having a lot of "great" meetings with prospective investors, but are getting no money or even an LOI.

In our mind, a meeting is only "great" if you leave with a check!

The riverbend growth capital approach
focusses on helping clients develop a complete story while utilizing our process and extensive relationships to create market awareness via:

  • Board formation

  • Board member selection

  • Input from: 

    • Investors

    • Strategic partners

    • Subject matter experts

    • Prominent industry players
riverbend growth capital is the firm hyper-growth businesses come to when they want enduring results and a partner who cares as much as they do about getting them.

Together, we build rapidly scalable businesses and create value. Our team has extensive experience enhancing business outcomes for hyper-growth companies. 

Our process involves significantly fewer funding meetings, if any, since in many cases investors, strategic partners, etc., ask to invest.