riverbend growth capital

We believe business alignment drives enterprise value.

Our approach.

We maximize enterprise value for privately and publicly held businesses, thus providing attractive returns for our investors.  Our portfolio companies have good underlying products and services, but are not presently acquisition targets for Private Equity firms or strategic buyers. Their challenges include EBITDA below hurdle rates, depth and breadth of leadership and/or management, weak/non-existent business systems and processes, and/or uncertain, unpredictable and possibly negative cash flow.

While we provide capital, more importantly, we provide the know how to build and rapidly grow high quality businesses.  Successful, profitable, growing businesses are highly aligned.  The leadership team is clear on where the business is headed, has defined how it intends to get there, and has a result based culture with a highly engaged team.  They also have the fact and data they need to keep the business on track with a management philosophy that leaves nothing to chance.

Our Integrated Management System.

Upon acquisition, we work very closely with management to quickly solve the most critical issues impacting current performance, while at the same time implementing our proprietary Integrated Management System across the organization to drive profit, continuous improvement, growth and higher enterprise value.  Our Integrated Management System is the tool that insures everyone is clear on where the business is headed, knows how it intends to get there and there is a result based culture of accountability and over achievement.  It's not rocket science, but it does require discipline and know how to effectively and efficiently implement. 

Our Integrated Management System is implemented in every portfolio company.  It also forms the basis upon which riverbend growth capital conducts monthly business reviews with each portfolio company to insure objectives are, at a minimum, being met.  

Here's an overview of our Integrated Management System: